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How to Relieve Chronic Neck Pain at Home

All of us have had it. The sharp pain in the side of your neck that you wake up with in the morning, limiting the range of motion when we attempt to turn our heads, look up, or bend to the side. With severe cases we even have tingling and numbness down one or both arms. Today we will discuss why this is happening and what we can do to eliminate it.

What causes chronic neck pain?

Positioning and posture are the most common issues causing neck pain, especially nowadays as many people work from home on a laptop or computer. The placement of the screen you are looking at will end up taking its toll on your cervical spine by forcing you to spend extended periods of time in uncomfortable forward flexion. To help prevent future pain, try placing your computer or monitor in an elevated or neutral position to decrease the risk of spinal compression and impingement. Positioning and posture is not only important when working, but also when relaxing. Prolonged side bending or rotation when laying in bed, sleeping, or standing, can also increase your risk for chronic neck pain.

How to relieve neck pain at home.

What can you do if you already have neck pain other than just sitting up straight and keeping a neutral spine? Depending on your symptoms there are a few tools that can help treat and reduce the symptoms of chronic neck pains outside of repositioning and proper posture. If you are having symptoms of tingling and numbness down your arms then using the deluxe home cervical traction kit, neck and shoulder stretcher, or neck hammock could help provide relief. Cervical traction machines can also help by lightly stretching the cervical spine and in turn decreasing the amount of compression on the spine and peripheral nerves for decreased tingling and numbness. If you are having spot specific pains, the Thera cane massager performs trigger point release to knots in restrictions in your soft tissue around the spine to improve tissue extensibility and improve blood flow to that painful area to allow the body to improve healing. Along with using these tools, a proper light stretching and range of motion to your cervical spine will help to maintain mobility and decrease symptoms of chronic neck pains. Contact us at Ohana Medical Supply with any other questions to help choose what products would be right for you.


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