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Which Wheelchair is Right for Me?

With all the options on the marketplace today, it’s hard not to find yourself asking, which wheelchair is right for me?  Today we will talk about a few important factors that should influence your decision on which chair is right for you. 

Ensure Proper Fit

One of the most important factors when getting a wheelchair is making sure that it is the right size for you.  Measurements for your wheelchair are determined by the width, length and height.  If you get a chair that is not wide enough, too low, or too long you may end up getting wounds or pressure injuries on your legs or buttocks. A proper fit is essential for function and comfort.  To measure the length, have someone use a tape measure from the back of knee to end of buttocks in a seated position and subtract two inches. To measure height, start at the ground and measure to bend in knee while sitting and subtract two inches.  When measuring width, measure the width of your posterior and add 4 to ensure that you have two inches of space in order to move around freely in chair.  Moving around freely will allow you to reposition a minimum of every two hours to decrease pressure sores from prolonged sitting. 

Consider Purpose

Next thing to consider is what is the purpose for your chair?  If you need your chair for daily use within your household or to and from work, you will want the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair that has larger wheels to be able to more easily maneuver the chair.  If you need your chair for helping transport a loved one or yourself due to being unable to walk long distances, a transport chair like our Drive Medical Transport Chair may be more suitable for you. They are smaller and lighter so it is easier to fit in your vehicle.  We have the Drive Medical Reclining Sport Wheelchair for those who have suffered from a stroke or have difficulty swallowing.  We also carry wheelchairs that are suitable for sports that are designed with a lower center of gravity for sharper turns and better maneuverability to change directions as needed while competing in sports. 

At Ohana Medical Supply, we also carry a power wheelchair like the Reclining Folding Ultra Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair, that can take any patient where they need to be with the luxury and reliability that they deserve.  These chairs fold up and are designed for easy transfer to your vehicle.  Please reach out to us with any specific questions you may have to ensure that you get the wheelchair that is most suitable to you. 

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